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Power Washing Services

Many of our potential customers ask what the pressure washing process entails.   Here you will find more information our how our cleaning services work.  If you still have unanswered questions, you can check our FAQ or contact us.  We are here to help!

Residential Exterior Cleaning Services

Residential Services

We offer many types of residential pressure washing services.  Of course, we offer house washing, but we also power wash roofs, fences, decks, driveways, pools, patios, and more.

Commercial Exterior Cleaning Services

Commercial Services

Appearance is everything to a business!  We understand.  That is why we utilize the best cleaning products available and have industrial grade pressure washing systems.

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Pressure Washing Service Details

 1: Preparation

Before we clean any surface we perform a visual and physical inspection.  We are looking for anything on the surfaces that may need special attention or that may be more delicate than they appear.  We will carefully move anything objects that can be moved that may interfere with our service.

2: The Cleaning Service

Depending on the service, the process of the cleaning service can vary slightly, but this is the outline of every pressure washing service we perform.

We first spray the items to be cleaned with water and also water any plants that will come in contact with our eco-friendly cleaning solutions.  We do this to prepare the surface for the proper cleaning agent needed and do dilute the cleaning agents as a safety measure for your plants.

Next, the correct cleaning agent for the job is applied to the surface being cleaning.  While we wait for the cleaning agents to work their magic, we begin calibrating our pressure washer to the correct PSI for this application and will turn on the water heater if hot water is needed for this cleaning.

Once ready, we spray the pressurized water of the entire surface paying special attention to the areas with heavy buildup.  We repeat this process until all of the surface areas are completely clean.

3: Clean Up

Once we are satisfied with the service, we begin the cleanup process.  This includes double checking our work, watering the ground to dilute the cleaning agents where needed and replacing anything we moved before beginning the job.  We make a final walk-through to make sure the job was done right, everything is put back, and that we have collected all of our equipment.

Affordable Exterior Cleaning Services!

We know you have options when it comes to pressure washing service providers in Gwinnett and Walton County, GA.  We focus on keeping our pricing as low as we can while still enabling ourselves to provide a very high-quality service.  Remember, we guarantee your satisfaction!  We don’t expect your business but would appreciate the chance to earn your business.

We are ready and willing to earn your business.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  We are happy to answer them.  Call us today and we can possibly get your our quote today too!

Our Promise to YOU

We guarantee your satisfaction with every pressure washing service we offer.  If you are not completely satisfied and we cannot make it right, you will not be charged!

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Makes sense!  Get to know more about us before you have us out to perform our pressure washing services at your home or business.  We have lots of information about us on our about us page.

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